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MAZ – Son of Picasso, (no family relation to the famous Pablo Picasso) birth named Giacobbe Mazone [Sicilian Italian]: 1962 - Alive, is an artist-painter that has spent all of his adult life in the United States. His grandparents, on both sides, are from South-Central Sicily [Caltagirone]. He is an influential artist in the 21st century because he is known for being the originator of "Emotionalism©" in 2014 through the creation of  Spiritual & Mythologic themed paintings. His unique painting-style uses a combination or duality of: Neoclassicism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism & Surrealism. Within his paintings, he additionally applies symbolic meaning and hidden code. Occasional distortions are worked into each painting, giving the viewer liberty to create their own meaning. Emotionalism© psychologically appeals to anyone that may consider themselves mysterious, spiritual or an active-emotional dreamer. You may consider his work as un-realistic or childlike ...even 'unsophisticated', as they did Picasso's.  MAZ productions are extremely colorful however, just as were Picasso's and Matisse's expressive works in the later part of their careers. 

Giacobbe Mazone might be regarded as avant-garde because he is the only professional artist in the U.S. who is defining and reintroducing new oil and acrylic originals specifically of a Mythological and Spiritual themes into an art world that has all but forgotten this classical several century old style. Although its unlikely he is a modern day renaissance man, Mazone still thinks his style of painting in 'Emotionalism' may somehow help the public viewer to find energy and hope in a dark world. 

MAZ is called "Son of Picasso" because of his artistic talent in utilizing much of Picasso’s hard edge design, deliberate shape manipulation, and vibrant colors into a reviving European inspired art niche. During the first 20 years of his life as an artist, his style has changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques, and ideas.  Other famous artists that MAZ derives inspiration from include El Greco, James Tissot, Monet & Van Gogh.


MAZ (Mazone) was baptized Catholic by his Brooklyn born parents (Gaetano and Cattarina); however, later became a non-denominational Christian at age 30. Mazone’s family was of a middle-class background. His father was a general contractor and painter who specialized in remodeling and painting homes in Las Vegas, NV.  His mother was a homemaker until her divorce from Gaetano in 1978, which forced her into working full time in a casino.

Mazone showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age. He was introduced to painting by his mother when she began gifting him paint-by-numbers hobby kits starting at the age of six. MAZ received indirect artistic training from his father in landscape drawing and rudimentary painting. Gaetano sketched many of his home remodels beforehand. Later MAZ received more formal training in high school regarding sketching, painting, and commercial art design. By and large however, he is self-taught. His formal education after high school includes an under-graduate degree in Finance (U.N.L.V.) and a post-graduate MBA (C.S.U.S.B.)


After divorcing in 1999,  MAZ was awarded full custody of 2 sons in a long court battle. He had great stress in being a single parent to the boys, and shortly thereafter lost his job as a software demonstrator for a large firm. During the pursuing 8 years, the small broken family lived in a lower class lifestyle and relocated several times for various reasons. Because he was unable to provide his sons with the lifestyle their peers had, he fell into deep depression and alcoholism for many years. He obtained a job as a stock broker in 2003, and remained in the financial investment industry for 15 years before retiring.

In 2014 MAZ began re-devoting much of his free time to painting. Because of two overwhelming personal setbacks from 2014 through 2016, he was stricken again with depression and anxiety. In May 2016 however, he experienced a miraculous healing and began inspirational painting again. Today his remaining artwork is on display at the Spiritual Art Gallery located in Henderson, NV . 

Also noteworthy of mention is Mazone's extremely artistic son Benjamin. The younger artist experienced a severe mental disability while serving in the U.S. Air Force in 2014, but was given a unique artistic gift after becoming disabled. Now he is able to create highly detailed pencil and pastel drawings, which at times have an appearance of being painted in watercolor.  

Some critics say Benjamin Mazone's Disney inspired pencil and pastel creations are "Savant" and exceed his father's in skill and technique. Select the link on left frame 'Ben Mazone' to see his work. Part of his amazing story was publicized in the Las Vegas Review Journal; see - https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/southwest/southwest-man-diagnosed-with-schizophrenia-grows-as-an-artist/


MAZ places little or no effort to hide (or smooth out) brush strokes because he feels each one can have hidden meaning. He does not focus on realistic imaging (such as a photographic appearance), and his style contains deliberate hard edges. Although occasionally present, he does not emphasize shadowing or glazing. Mazone's goal is to express what is deep within his soul and communicate spiritual truth through the painting rather that producing picture perfect images. 


Love Looks Down (2017): $72K

MAZ has chosen to be a professional artist out of great disappointment in Contemporary Art (along with most meaningless 'Abstracts') and a deep concern that 'inspired art' has become a lost subject matter in galleries and art exhibitions. He knows his work is the exact missing element and theme in an art world that is thirsty for change, and has a vision to globally disseminate Emotionalism©; now missing from the world-wide secular art community. His secondary goal is to communicate love and truth by using meaningful action scenes that evoke positive emotional responses within the viewer. Authenticity and widespread Hope are the key messages of Mazone's vision as an artist.

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